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Dizziness & Fall Prevention

Dizziness is among the most frightening events a person can experience. Visions of a heart attack, stroke, brain tumor or other catastrophic health problem flash through the minds of the patient and their family. Dizziness can result in a fall and even a trip to the Emergency Room. Most dizziness is caused by the disruption in function of the inner ear balance center.

The US Public Health Services estimates that one-third to one-half of fall-related injuries are preventable. Beyond falls, dizziness and balance disorders are a major source of suffering and medial costs.

The Florida Ear and Balance Center is a multiple purpose comprehensive center devoted to reducing the incidence, frequency, and severity of dizziness and falls.

Physician Evaluation & Assessment

The Florida Ear and Balance Center, under the direction of James S. Atkins, Jr., M.D., provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art diagnosis, testing, and individualized treatment plan of care for persons complaining of dizziness, tinnitus (ringing, clicking, or other noise from the ear), feeling of unsteadiness when walking, or falling with or without injury.

Thankfully, most vestibular or balance disorders are treatable if the correct diagnosis can be established. A major component of the evaluation of your dizziness or falling is your medical history. Important information you can provide to the physician includes events leading to the initial attack of dizziness, the duration of the spell and any associated change in hearing or tinnitus. Information about your fall should include your activity at the time of the fall, extent of your injury and any previous symptoms such as stumbling or staggering.

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